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Our Goal And Mission


At KNACK we are persistently striving towards achieving our long term goals with each child working step by step by achieving the short term ones. With almost all children we aim to plan and implement interventions which facilitate them to have a productive independent functioning. We also understand how parents/caregivers can benefit by having a proper understanding of behaviours-emotions-thought we target to work on and what is our strategy for the same. By being on the same page, they can share their thoughts and emotions and we keep working on whatever is required.

We are also associated with number of schools and organizations working with children. Our goal with these associations is to join hands and make the best out it for the children who require special assistance.

Our mission is to see every child we are associated with to achieve their maximum potential and enjoy life to the fullest.

Our Services

Following are the services we provide

Our services cross all borders

We are happy to announce that most of KNACK services can also be availed by phone calls, video chats and emails. We work with parents despite the physical distance by such services. Our well qualified and trained professionals are available to help you in giving the best to your child. You can sit in the comforts of your home and avail our services.