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  • Home Visits

    KNACK prides in its approach to cater children where they are most comfortable. Where else would the child be most comfortable except for his/her home? Our trained and qualified professionals take counseling, behavior modification, special education, comprehensive home sessions, curriculum based sessions at the child’s home. Equipped with appropriate tailor made material and intervention strategies they make sure the child gets the best without having to travel to any other place.

  • Non-Verbal child

    At KNACK we understand that not every child who is nonverbal has physical limitations. For few children speech concern falls into behavioral domain. Let us explain further, few children (specially showing Autistic traits) delay speaking because nor do they feel the need neither the urge to communicate. This is because their basic needs are fulfilled by non-verbal gestures like pointing.

    Eg: If the child is thirsty, all he/she does is either point towards the kitchen or drag the mother/caretaker towards the fridge. Parents do not mind this behavior and quickly fulfill as they see it as a developmental milestone where the child is at least non verbally communicating his/her needs. Such dynamics are modulated by our professionals and new effective strategies are implemented.

    We are proud to have formulated a very effective plan to work on children’s speech. We have seen tremendous improvement in children whose speech we have worked on and from being absolutely non-verbal, they are now comfortable in communicating in words and short sentences.

  • Behavior Modification for Children with Autism/Autistic Traits

    At KNACK, we have had a pleasure in working with a number of children with autism/autistic traits and are proud to inform that we have formulated effective strategies to facilitate child’s growth in all domains. Due to lack of interest and skills for social communication in such children a different set of strategies need to be applied.

    The relation between the therapist and the child needs to be worked on quite differently. To build it so many factors are taken into consideration including the voice modulation, minimum instructions etc. Once the bond/rapport is built we are equipped with abundant material and scientifically proven techniques to systematically push the child towards his/her maximum potential. Our professionals use tailor made intervention material, including behaviour charts, social stories etc.

  • Comprehensive Home Sessions

    Having worked intensively with children we have found out that sometimes it is the best strategy to have Monday-Friday comprehensive home sessions which cover behavioural, academic as well as social communication issues gradually and systematically in a holistic manner. We offer such services for children who require intensive intervention and show a lag in all three domains. Knowing the importance of holistic intervention we are also open to implement certain fine motor or other OT/speech related intervention at home which the child’s occupational/speech therapist feels right to be taken up at home as well.

    By working collectively on all domains Monday-Friday at home we have observed that slowly but consistently the child shows an overall growth in all these interdependent domains. We have ample experience and evidence based results of the positive outcome of this strategy. We have also worked out the best deal for parents/caregivers to take this service up without having to worry about paying for each session.

  • Curriculum Cover-Up

    A lot of parents/caregivers have come up to us and discussed how it is extremely difficult for them to cover the child’s curriculum effectively despite taking special education sessions. This is because special education is very effective in inculcating strategies in the child to comprehend and do the academic work. The special educator also formulates an Individualised Education Plan (IEP) for the child which facilitates in the curriculum.

    Yet given the burden to perform well on school curriculum, it gets difficult for the child and the parents to translate the information and strategy used by the special educator into good performance in school examination as the child could not cope with the curriculum. At KNACK we have solved this issue for a number of parents and children by providing a professional who takes Monday-Friday curriculum focused sessions using special education techniques.

    It has worked wonders and has boost the confidence of children in facing the examinations. They are prepared for the same and are ready to utilize all that has been taught by the professional using techniques that are appropriate for the child taking into consideration his/her learning style.

  • Shadow Teaching

    At KNACK we re-define the role of a Shadow Teacher by training them to have a systematic approach towards making a child independent. Fortunately, these days with the appropriate laws of inclusive education, it has become mandatory for schools to accept admissions of children with special needs. Since these children would require special assistance to cope and adjust with the mainstream academic and social needs, the schools request the parents to hire a shadow teacher to provide the required one on one assistance to the child.

    A lot of parents who approach us are not satisfied with the quality of work there shadow teachers do. This is partly because there are hardly any training courses for this job profile. At KNACK we pride in the work our shadow teachers do. They are trained and monitored intensively to work with children with special needs. Their solo long term goal with the child is to give such intervention which will make the child learn skills to adjust in the school independently.

    They are trained to keep the parents, school and us in loop with the smallest of concern as well of growth the child faces so has given us great success stories to share. The feedback we receive from parents and school teachers is overwhelming. We pride in having the best team of shadow teachers.

  • Online Services

    At KNACK we understand the need for parents and caregivers to get trained to use a systematic approach towards working with children with special needs. We have taken a step ahead with our online services to reach every house, school or institute for better management of every child. Conducive environment and appropriate intervention can work wonders while working with children.

    Having an indepth understanding of children with behavioral, social and academic concerns; KNACK has a unique approach on working with the same. We are equipped with the knowledge of how to provide productive support, tips and training to caregivers.

    At KNACK our well trained professionals help parents, caregivers as well as other professionals to formulate as well as execute a tailor made intervention plan. We also provide with specific material along with explanation of its practical application.

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