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We are easy to connect, you can send an email to simply call us. We would understand your requirement and suggest the best possible intervention plan or simply schedule a meeting or an online session. No charges applicable.

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Our team would be available for first meeting at your doorstep incase its in Mumbai, Ahmedabad or Vadodara or we shall be available on different online modes to discuss further regarding your child and possible areas of work and services feasible. We discuss charges and payment mode. No charges applicable.

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Our professionals start with intensive sessions focusing on different aspects of child development. We plan our long term and short term goals and work towards achieving them. We update parents regularly via email.


Send us your feedback and we work better towards child and individual growth. Our achievement is in making them independent. Spread the word and make difference in more lives.

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Just drop a mail with your concerns and we will get back to you.


It's the best way of long distance face to face communication.

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Speak to our professional directly to get your queries answered.

Speak to our professional directly to get your queries answered. The most widely adopted mode of communication, you can simply call us to discuss your issues.

Contact: +91 9167240058

Online service - Terms & conditions

We understand that, it may not be possible for parents, teachers and counselors to visit a well established clinic or centre frequently for various therapy sessions and follow up. Hence we bring to you a unique solution right on your phone/laptop screens through the medium of online consultation or counseling. We provide guidance and do a systematic monitoring and follow up of intervention plans suggested by us. Following are the terms and conditions and guidelines to avail the online services:

Who can take online consultation?

  • Anyone (parents, teachers, shadow teachers and counselors) who wishes to seek help for home/school based behavior modification of children with various emotional, behavior and academic problems
  • Children with special needs, who need assistance and supervision in formulating and executing behavior modification plans/charts, Individual Education Plans or even Individual Shadow plans
  • Parents looking forward to guidance and solution to various problems in children and adolescents.
  • School coordinators and counsellors looking forward to specific guidance on various children related problems in school.

How to take an appointment?

  • First contact is by a brief email to onlinesupport@knackservices.com stating some basic details regarding nature of problem and type of help to be sought. Alternatively, a phone call can also be made for the appointment on +91-9167240058.
  • Information regarding charges and packages will be made known to the client during the initial contact.
  • Based on nature of problem, the appointment date and time available with our counselor shall be informed to the client. In case of lack of availability for the session, inform immediately so that another alternative for appointment can be worked out at the earliest.

What to do after the appointment has been set?

  • A day prior to the set appointment date and time, the parents/ teachers are requested to email scanned or clear images of all the relevant documents like medical records, prescriptions, previous psychological assessment reports, any disability assessment or certification issued and last issued prescription in case of ongoing medications. This will enable the counselor to have a background of the client so things can progress well during online session.

What do I need to do if the session has to be rescheduled or cancelled?

  • We discourage last minute cancellation unless medical or health reason is stated with clarity.
  • If a session has to be rescheduled/ cancelled then the client is requested to make a phone call at least 8 hours prior to the appointment so that adequate arrangements can be made alternatively.
  • In case of cancellation from the end of allotted KNACK counselor, then attempt will be made to appoint substitute professional, the information of which shall be provided to the parents/clients at least 3 hours prior to the appointment. In worst case of non-availability of the substitute, session will be rescheduled to a more suitable slot.
  • In a specific month during interventions or follow ups, rescheduling of appointments will not be permitted more than twice.

How do I make the payment?

  • During the initial contact, you shall be explained regarding charges for first consultation and various packages that we offer you for smooth monitoring of progress and follow ups in subsequent online sessions.
  • Once the appropriate package is decided for you with respect to the nature of problem, thereafter the bank account details of KNACK will be shared with you where you need to make transfer/ deposit the session fee at least 10 hours prior to the appointment time.
  • The payment also confirms the session from your end and subsequently issued invoice shall be sent to you to confirm payment of receipt of fee.

Do I get a refund in case of cancellations/ rescheduling?

  • According to KNACK’s payment policy, no refund shall be made to cancellation of session beyond the time frame mentioned above i.e. 4-6 hours.
  • If the cancellation has been made within the above mentioned time frame then the amount shall be refunded after deduction of 20% from the amount paid.
  • In cases of rescheduling of appointments from either party, no transaction or refund to be expected. The session takes place on the rescheduled date and time.

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Few Testimonials from our clients

“It was a great learning experience for both of us(me and my son). KNACK professional was extremely efficient and built a wonderful rapport with my son rather quickly. Not only was she gentle but also very determined to bring about progress in the child.”

Parent of 7 year old child, Lucknow
15 days Parent-child training

“Child centered and Professional! The Services provided by KNACK has made it easier for my child to cope in a mainstream school. I couldn't get a team better than KNACK Ability Enhancement Services....! Thank you for making a difference.”

Parent of 5 year old child, Mumbai
Shadow Teaching

“I heard about KNACK services from my kid's school principal. My son is autistic and needs regress behaviour management at school as well as home. When we met the KNACK professionals they seemed very serious about their profession and their credentials seemed to be suitable for my kid.”

Parent 6 year old child, Mumbai
Shadow Teaching and Behaviour Modification

“I have been interacting with KNACK services for the last 9 months as I have employed their services for my daughter. My daughter is a bit slow in her studies and I have employed KNACK's Shadow Teaching services. I am impressed by their professional approach towards their job and ensuring that my daughter improves at her studies.”

Parent 10 year old child, Mumbai
Shadow Teacher