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Who We Are

KNACK Ability Enhancement Services is a unique effort towards bringing solutions to your child’s difficulties at your doorstep. We are a team of well trained professionals working towards a common goal: through appropriate intervention inculcating skills for productive independent functioning.

Our intervention services are tailored as per the needs of the parents, school and most importantly the child. With a goal directed approach we provide realistic short term and long term interventions. We believe in looking at the world from the child’s perspective, understanding the difficulties faced by him/her and helping in developing skills and abilities in a manner the child feels comfortable in.

Each child is unique. Our well qualified professionals assess and identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses. With a knack to provide appropriate intervention, we then enhance and modify the child’s skills and abilities, hence equipping him/her with better strategies to cope with difficulties.

Understanding the child’s needs at school set up, we provide effective liaison and assistance services to ensure child’s academic and social enhancement. We aim to identify your child’s inherent abilities and enhance them. We also aim to inculcate certain desirable abilities which will facilitate his/her quality of life.

We at KNACK, also understand the need to involve other important figures in the child’s life like his/her teachers, caregivers, support staff, etc. By doing so we attempt to familiarize them with the child’s needs and provide them with effective strategies, which can be used in dealing with him/her in a productive manner.

Come join the KNACK family and experience the best that can be offered!

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  • History

    Having an experience of almost a decade in working with children with special needs, the Directors took a joint initiative from May 2014 to take the next step and make their knowledge and experience reach a larger population. Since then the bar set for professionalism, love and care in working with children is so high that it has set us apart from all other services available in India.

  • Our approach

    KNACK is also unique in its approach by adopting a complete team work ideology. We incorporate various professionals co-coordinating with each other in an effort to elicit most effective intervention outcome. With parents being an integral part of our intervention plan, we strive to make the outcome holistic and long term.

  • So Much More to Achieve

    We are happy to have gotten so much appreciation and positive outcome so far, we aim to multiply our effort by being available to a larger population. We are equipped to expand our team and services in an effort to have our professionalism and approach to be available to as many clients as possible.

  • Each Child matters

    At KNACK, our Directors get personally involved in every child’s intervention along with the team. We pride in having excellent team dynamics and all our efforts are focused to help each child reach his/her maximum potential.

  • Confidentiality and Ethics

    Client confidentiality is our priority; being from mental health field we know the importance of privacy and ethics in dealing with people; be it adults or children. Our team consist of thorough professionals, who are trained to work on all aspects of the client’s life, keeping in mind all the ethical considerations.

  • Well qualified and trained professionals

    We are very careful in building up our team to make sure that it consists of professionals having similar approach and level of professionalism. We do not stop at that, KNACK provides intensive regular trainings to monitor, help and update our team. We aim at nothing but the best!

Our Team

These awesome people make it all possible